Claims and the Law
FL85327 - 5 Hours
This CE class explains the legal and judicial systems and reviews the Florida regulatory environment and applicable statutes for insurance claims adjusters.

This CE class provides a thorough review of the legal system, the sources and types of law, the jurisdiction of courts, and a discussion of bad faith. Examine the legal responsibilities of a claims adjuster in connection with The Civil Remedies Statute and Unfair Claim Settlement Practices Act. Understand the steps of a lawsuit including discovery, interrogatories, document demands, subpoenas and jury selection. Case law is reviewed for added emphasis and understanding.

Class highlights include:

  • Florida's Adjuster Code of Ethics

  • Mediation Statutes and Appraisal Provisions

  • The Differences Between Civil Law and Criminal Law

  • The Doctrine of Utmost Good Faith

  • Understand How the Civil Remedies Statute Works

  • Common Law, Statutory Law, Administrative Law and Constitutional Law

  • Contracts of Adhesion and Unilateral Contracts

  • How to Prepare for a Deposition

  • Approved for 4 Hours of Adjuster Law and Policy (3-24a) and 1 Hour of Adjuster Ethics (3-24b) Continuing Education