Bail Bonding and the Law
OH65172 - 6 Hours
This bail bondsman continuing education course provides an explanation of the legal, regulatory and statutory compliance requirements for bail bond agents.

Bail bonds serve as a protection for a person’s rights, and help reduce overcrowding in detention centers and the cost of inmate housing. More than two million criminal court appearance bonds are written each year by commercial sureties and this method of release dramatically outperforms all others in reappearance rates. This continuing education class reviews the history of bail bonds and the legal and regulatory framework of the bail industry. Relevant Ohio statutes are reviewed and court cases are examined for emphasis and understanding.

Class highlights include:

  • The History of Bail Bonds

  • Supreme Court Decision - Taylor v. Taintor (1872)

  • Title 18 United States Code (The Bail Reform Act of 1984)

  • Determining the Amount of Bail

  • Cash Bonds and Ohio Supreme Court Decision - State ex rel. Sylvester v. Neal

  • Surrendering a Defendant

  • Exoneration

  • Skips or Bail Jumpers

  • Approved for 6 Hours of Surety Bail Bonds Continuing Education